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Public Improvements and Parklets
The North Shattuck Association has been working with it’s members and the City of Berkeley towards a number of public improvement projects along Shattuck Avenue to improve pedestrian safety, increase parking, and bicycle and transit facilities. These include grant-funded projects including a bike shelter on the bulb at Vine St. and enhancements to the Virginia St. pedestrian crossing. North of Vine St., we are implementing a plan with Association funds to allow for more flexibility in using the utility lane for public events by providing a break in the median with moveable bollards, and reconfiguration of the parking to diagonal just south of Rose St. which results in 10 additional spaces and a new handicapped space.

After several parklets were created along Shattuck Ave. last September for Park-ing Day and the Spice of Life Festival, the Association began to work with interested businesses in the district to develop ideas for semi-permanent parklets which could provide additional seating and bike facilities at high traffic areas in the district. The Association met with the City Manager and Transportation Department staff to propose a pilot program based on San Francisco’s successful Pavement to Parks program under which 20 parklets have been created in commercial districts across the city with outdoor seating, bike parking, landscaping, and art elements.  The goal is to have the projects designed and completed as community projects using donated material and labor, with the Association handling permitting and insurance.  Three sites were identified where there was a high level of merchant upport and pedestrian activity: in front of Guerilla Cafe/Philz Coffee; Masses Pastries/Saul’s Deli; and the Cheeseboard Bakery/Pizzeria.  Draft designs have been done for these sites and a survey about parklets is at  www.surveymonkey.com/s/ParkletsinBerkeley.


Virginia Street Intersection Improvements

Vine Street Bike Shelter Project Concept

Phase 1 Improvements – Shattuck Ave. North of Vine

Cheese Board Parklet Concepts

Masse's/Saul's and Philz Coffee/Guerilla Cafe Parklet Concepts

Posted on August 3rd, 2012